Removable appliance 20 December 2018 Articles

Removable appliance

Removable brace is made of a plastic plate with wires are coming from the sides. These wires are griped to ...
Invisalign brace 15 December 2018 Articles

Invisalign brace

Before 1997, fixed appliance was the only treatment to adjust and straighten teeth. Although colored plastic appliance made children happy ...
Lingual appliance 10 December 2018 Articles

Lingual appliance

Today, orthodontic treatments are very different than what most people have considered in last years. While the traditional brace is ...
tooth extraction 11 November 2018 Articles

Orthodontic and tooth extraction

Do I need tooth extraction before getting my braces? Or Do I need tooth extraction for crowded teeth? Does tooth ...
type of braces 6 November 2018 Articles

Which type of braces is right for me?

Most peoples need to get braces while just a few lucky people born with the beautiful arranged teeth. Your orthodontist ...
مشکلات قابل حل با ارتودنسی - orthodontic problems 9 October 2018 Articles

What are common orthodontic problems that can be solved?

In the ideal condition, teeth of upper and lower jaw should be located in place and in a specific arrangement ...
Fixed appliance 8 October 2018 Articles

Fixed appliance

For most of the orthodontic patient, covering fixed appliance (generally called brace) is the most important part of the treatment. ...
Damon Braces 6 October 2018 Articles

Damon Braces

Damon braces are self-ligating braces that are fixed on the teeth surface same as the metal braces. The only difference ...
Functional Orthodontics 6 October 2018 Articles

Functional Orthodontics

Functional orthodontics is a very interesting branch of orthodontics that most people are not familiar with this method. Functional orthodontics ...
wearing braces during childhood 29 September 2018 Articles

Significant advantages to wearing braces during childhood

Wearing braces during childhood is an important issue that parents should be informed about this matter to prevent further dental ...