Damon Braces

Damon Braces
6 October 2018 Articles orthodontics
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Damon braces are self-ligating braces that are fixed on the teeth surface same as the metal braces. The only difference between self-ligating braces and metal braces is containing a slide mechanism that attaches the orthodontic wires to the brackets in order to move naturally and straight teeth gently instead of having brackets that regularly tighten and adjust the braces. This makes them more convenient, better looking and provide much better result in a shorter time. These braces contain of metal or ceramic materials and don’t need to any elastic like the metal braces.

Damon braces use of different method to move tooth to its right position. These braces are attached to the wires that connects the slide brackets together. Of course, these wires in compare to the traditional ones don’t produce much pressure for connecting the brackets together. Then these braces are adjusted to move teeth and tightening over the time. In order to get the better results, supplemental treatment such as tooth extractions and palatal expanders is required.

Different types of self-ligating brackets (Damon)


These brackets needs to small arch wire which makes less friction and helps teeth to move freely. The passive brackets mostly are used at the beginning of treatment in order to help teeth to move ahead into position.


These brackets use of thicker arch wires in order to apply greater pressure to the teeth and move them aggressively into the correct position. Active brackets also have much more control for making strong and consistent result.

Self-ligating braces are the best choice for patients. Your orthodontist can guide you to choose the most appropriate type.

Damon (self-ligating) braces advantages

The advantages of self-ligating braces are significant than the other ones. Although Damon braces are less noticeable than the traditional metal ones, but since these days both types come in clear versions for the image conscious, so this issue is not very important.

The best advantage of Damon braces is reducing the treatment time that is not ignorable. According to recent studies, the treatment time by Damon braces is half a year shorter than the traditional metal braces. Also the rate of appointment for Damon patients is 47.8 percentage less as compared to the metal braces group.

Because of using no elastic or metal ligatures, no friction is involved in Damon braces and tooth can move freely that leads to shorter treatment time and less pain during treatment. The elastics that are used in the other braces can causes to collect bacteria and dental plaque and mostly become discolored by different drinks and foods.

Damon braces by removing ligatures can lead to better oral health and also making nice smile after the orthodontic period.

Damon (self-ligating) braces disadvantages


The difference between a great orthodontist and a good orthodontist is in the details. Any orthodontist can adjust your teeth and make good appearance for you, it may take just 2-6 months for some patients but placing the tooth in specific place for having a nice appearance and Hollywood smile needs special control.

Generally, self-ligating braces contain more slacks and it means making bends and controlling details during the last level of orthodontist is difficult for dentist. So the last stage of Damon braces is more longer than the traditional metal braces and it is more difficult to get a good result. So by considering the overall treatment period, self-ligating braces are not any faster.

Door fatigue

During the time, self-ligating doors can fatigue and don’t stay close correctly; in this situation orthodontist have to use regular ties.


Damon braces are more expensive and all expense should be pay by patient. It’s not worthwhile to do the Damon braces since they are not superior.

Do the Damon system is harsh and unsafe due to quick working?

No. in fact, the reason that Damon braces works so quickly than the other ones is using a continuous and tangible power for teeth movement. This system improves tooth position and facial harmony because of it’s low-friction natures. Damon system contains of very light titanium wires, calls shape memory, in order to guide teeth to their ideal position. Most people experience less pain through this system

Are Damon braces big and bulky?

Not anymore. Today Damon braces are much smaller than they were a few years ago, and new materials are used that are not visible anymore.


Despite this fact that Damon braces don’t have elastic orthodontist band that cusses to collect plaque and bacteria, but the oral hygiene should be observed. According to orthodontist, you should brush your teeth with any type of braces 2-3 times a day. Daily brushing should be containing with regular flossing in order to protect of oral hygiene. It is also recommended to regular check up to ensure of braces and tooth health.

Things to avoid

Beside keeping Damon braces clean, some habits that cusses damage to braces should be avoid. First, you should avoid of eating sticky and hard foods that causes bending or breaking the sliding mechanism parts of Damon braces. Ask your orthodontist about foods that can damage the braces. And also some habits such as opening soda cans with your teeth, biting pens or even chewing gum increase the risk of breaking your braces.

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