Removable appliance 20 December 2018 Articles

Removable appliance

Removable brace is made of a plastic plate with wires are coming from the sides. These wires are griped to […]
Invisalign brace 15 December 2018 Articles

Invisalign brace

Before 1997, fixed appliance was the only treatment to adjust and straighten teeth. Although colored plastic appliance made children happy […]
Lingual appliance 10 December 2018 Articles

Lingual appliance

Today, orthodontic treatments are very different than what most people have considered in last years. While the traditional brace is […]
tooth extraction 11 November 2018 Articles

Orthodontic and tooth extraction

Do I need tooth extraction before getting my braces? Or Do I need tooth extraction for crowded teeth? Does tooth […]
type of braces 6 November 2018 Articles

Which type of braces is right for me?

Most peoples need to get braces while just a few lucky people born with the beautiful arranged teeth. Your orthodontist […]
dental veneers 3 November 2018 Articles

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are thin shells, custom made of tooth colored porcelain or composite resin that cover over tooth surface to […]
Dental laminate 28 October 2018 Articles

What is dental Laminate?

Dental laminate (Porcelain laminate which are known as Porcelain veneers) is a thin shell which is designed by tooth colored […]
مشکلات قابل حل با ارتودنسی - orthodontic problems 9 October 2018 Articles

What are common orthodontic problems that can be solved?

In the ideal condition, teeth of upper and lower jaw should be located in place and in a specific arrangement […]
Fixed appliance 8 October 2018 Articles

Fixed appliance

For most of the orthodontic patient, covering fixed appliance (generally called brace) is the most important part of the treatment. […]
periodontitis 7 October 2018 Articles

What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis is a very common serious gum infection that means inflammation of soft tissue around the teeth. It damages to […]