Onlay vs crown

Onlay vs crown
9 July 2019 Articles cosmetic dentistry
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If your tooth becomes decay and need to be repaired but you are wondering whether a dental crown or onlay would be needed, take a look to this article. A dental onlay is an indirect restoration technique to repair a decayed tooth which still some parts of it are remained undamaged and need cusps replacement. While dental crown covers all the cusps and even sometimes extend down onto the root surface.

Dental crown

dental crown

It is a tooth-shaped cover which places over a tooth to restore its size, shape, and strength as well as to improve its appearance. When your tooth cavity is too large for a filling or you have worn down, cracked or weakened tooth, your doctor suggests a dental crown. If you have had root canal treatment or dental implant and your tooth need cover, a dental crown is a good option, too. It also covers a badly shaped or discolored tooth and improves your smile.

Dental crowns can make different materials including porcelain, ceramics, metal alloys, composite resin and porcelain fused to metal. The decision for a material depending on different factors such as your tooth location and function, your preference, the position of gum tissue, the color or shade of the tooth and the amount of tooth that shows when you smile.

Dental onlay

Dental onlay

It is an aesthetic alternative for a dental crown. Onlay extends onto the chewing surface of a back tooth to replace one or more cusps.

Dental onlays made of tooth-colored material such as ceramic /porcelain, gold, or dental composite.  If you want to repair your damaged tooth and smile, reduce the need for root canal therapy, save more of your natural look or eliminate a dark metal rim around your gum line, dental onlay is a right option.

What is the difference between dental onlay and crown?

Dental onlays are a more conservative way to repair a damaged tooth. Onlay covers one or more cusps of the tooth while the crown covers the entire biting surface of the tooth. When an old dental filling needs to be replaced, dental onlays are a great option.

Onlay is less aggressive compared to the crown because less tooth structure needs to be removed for onlay placement.

Generally, the crown is a bit expensive than onlay although most people prefer onlay when possible. Onlay placement is more difficult and should apply by an expert dentist. Your dentist can choose one of these options depending on the number of your teeth that needs to be replaced.

Onlay and crown placement

The whole procedure applies in two appointments. During the first session, your doctor removes the decay and clean your tooth. When your doctor prepares your tooth, he/she takes an impression of your tooth and send to the dental lab.In the second appointment, your custom-made onlay or crown will be placed and cemented in place. Your dentist will check to make sure that it fits in the place and you are comfortable with your crown or onlay.

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