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Dental Orthodontics

Jaw and facial abnormalities

Fixed Braces

Fixing orthodontic braces on each tooth is fastened. These brackets are connected using a wire. The patient can not remove this orthodontic out of his mouth. The purpose of the permanent orthodontic tooth movement is to balance the mandibular teeth with lower jaw.

Removable Braces

In this orthodontic type, plastic plates are used that cover the mouth or palate and also hold a multi-tooth arched arch. The patient can remove it from his mouth, if necessary, during eating, for example. This type of orthodontic does not cause tooth movement and is commonly used for jaw problems at an early age.

Invisible Braces

In this type of orthodontic, the braces are used in a transparent or colorless manner, which is called Invisible Braces. Invisible Braces, because they are less visible, have become very popular among adults.


Improve the angles between the teeth
Row and toggle teeth
Leveling and smoothing the order of teeth
Preventing Defective Growth and Diverting Teeth

How to treat

In general, the treatment or function of orthodontics is such that during a continuous period, a slow and continuous pressure in a particular direction enters the teeth. By moving the teeth, the bones also deform and teeth gradually arranged.


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Tooth implant

Jaw and facial anomalies

Dental Implant

A dental implant is an artificial substitute for the root of the tooth. Implants are inserted directly into the jawbone and hold the tooth or artificial teeth in place, that is, as the roots hold the teeth. If you care well about your implants, their durability will be lifelong.

Advantages of using dental implants

  • Improve the appearance of the teeth
  • Improving the way you speak
  • more comfortable in the mouth
  • Easy Swallowing
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Improving oral health
  • Lifetime implant
  • Being at ease

Who is an ideal candidate for dental implant?

Dental implants are suitable for most adults who have good health conditions. Implants can only be used if the patient's jaw is stopped. So it is not suitable for patients at an early age.

Habits like consuming alcoholic beverages or cigarettes can also cause problems during early recovery, and may also endanger the health of the gum and surrounding bones in the long run.

Tooth Restoration & Beauty

Scaling, composite and enamel repair Teeth
  • Restoration

Fracture, Tooth piercing or tooth extraction nerve are among the items that can be repaired using different methods.
Tooth bleaching

Dental bleaching is a method that can be used badly.

Ceramic laminate

ceramic laminate is a ceramic layer that The color of your teeth is used to correct the shape and color of the teeth. Ceramic laminates are first molded and then mounted on the teeth.

  • Composite Welder

Composite Welder is a dough-like, tooth-colored tooth mixture that is exposed to light radiation at a length The specified wave becomes stiff and after polishing it is polished to get the desired shape. Composite Wiener can be used to fill the missing parts of the tooth, to cover the cracks, fractures and change the color of the tooth.

Aesthetic goals

Deflection of teeth deflection
Denture spotting
Scaling, whitening and brushing teeth
Creating a beautiful smile on your lips


Treatment for the purpose of beautiful teeth Done in many cases, will also have restorative benefits. An example is the filling of rotten teeth, which is one of the most commonly used dental practices. In the past, rotten teeth and holes were primarily filled with gold and other compounds that were completely visible and dark spots were left on the teeth.

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