Tooth plaque causes and tooth scaling

tooth plaque
23 September 2018 Articles
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Naturally salvia contains minerals and solutes. The first step of build-up of tooth plaque begin progressively by the process of solutes sedimentation on the tooth external level and joining bacteria, microbes and foodstuff to the sediments.

During the first stage of plaque formation on the tooth surface, it’s possible to remove them by brushing and flossing but if they don’t remove on time it will be massive and will lead to calculus formation.

Normally plaques are not visible but calculus can be seen easily. Calculus are created of tight tissues that can’t remove by brushing and flossing. Calculus formation is one reason of dental decay.

Calculus cusses bad mouth odor as well as periodontal diseases that can threaten oral health. By regular scaling you can keep teeth healthy and also get rid of mouth discoloration.

Can dental scaling for tooth plaque cusses gum loss and destruction?

If calculus is not removed by on time scaling, the bone holder is consuming that leads to gum destruction and finally tooth loss.

Do I need dental scaling before getting braces?

Your orthodontist prefers to do dental scaling and repair decayed teeth before attaching brackets on your tooth surface.

Do dental scaling cusses enamel loss?

Dental scaling only removes tooth plaque and calculus from tooth surface and tooth scaling can’t damage tooth enamel.

Before, peoples were believed dental scaling causes enamel loss but today’s they have found that calculus damage tooth.

More addition, calculus causes serious damage to tooth, gum and tissues holder which are appropriate areas for microbe’s collection and replication.

Does scaling causes tooth sensitivity?

Since calculus are thickest, they act as a heat cover and somewhat prevent heat or cold sensitive teeth. After scaling and removal layer, patient may experience increased sensitivity and lightness. It is a temporary feeling and will remove after some days.

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