Which type of braces is right for me?

type of braces
6 November 2018 Articles orthodontics
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Most peoples need to get braces while just a few lucky people born with the beautiful arranged teeth. Your orthodontist after considering your tooth problem can tell you type of braces is right for you in the first appointment.

Is there any age limit for putting braces?

For orthodontic treatment just a strong jaw-base and healthy gum is needed. If you have both condition, you are a good candidate for getting braces. Your orthodontist provide tow primary fixed and removable braces to improve your teeth special problem.

Traditional fixed braces

Traditional fixed metal brackets are light weight structure which fix on teeth with metal wire. These brackets apply pressure to your teeth and move them to the proper position by the orthodontic powers.

Ceramic fixed braces

This is another type of traditional brackets which is made of bright ceramic. Since ceramic appliance are hard to notice and just the color of wire is visible, it is well known among adults.

Damon braces

The advantages of this type of braces are as bellow:

  • Damon braces are self-ligating appliance
  • these braces use a slide mechanism instead of elastic
  • Damon braces are easy to clean
  • Damon patient require fewer appointment because of self-ligating appliance

Since Damon braces treatment is more expensive and offer less advantages, it is used less compared to the other types.

Lingual braces

In this type of orthodontic brackets apply on the inner side of teeth. The lingual braces arrangement is more difficult and treatment period is longer compared to the other types.

Invisalign braces

Invisalign braces are transparent, plastic form of dental braces. The clear plastic invisalign should change every two weeks. This type of braces is also usable after getting fixed braces.

Functional braces

Functional orthodontic is a removable appliance that mostly use for children. This treatment is recommended for correction jaw problem in children before maturation. Functional treatment prevents further sever problems in teenagers.

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