Orthodontic and tooth extraction

tooth extraction
11 November 2018 Articles orthodontics
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Do I need tooth extraction before getting my braces? Or Do I need tooth extraction for crowded teeth? Does tooth extraction change my facial structure? These are the common questions for patients who want to get braces.

If you have crowded teeth or you have a tooth into inappropriate position, pulling tooth not only doesn’t ruin your facial appearance but also improve it. after the all-sided investigation of the jaw and teeth size and the lips position, your orthodontist will decide for pulling tooth, it is an innumerable decision. Initially, your orthodontist considers your radiographic images. Then, if your teeth are overcrowded, orthodontist evaluate the position of front teeth after the extraction and finally will take out your extra teeth after considering all items.

Effective factors on tooth extraction in orthodontic

Many factors should be observed whether to have or not to have tooth remove. An orthodontist may consider different items as the reason for extraction such as insufficient space, overcrowded and dental compression or teeth which are unfitted in the dental arch. But some patients don’t want to pull out their teeth so, their tooth should be straight as much as possible. However, if dental implants placed in a small tight space, causes orthodontic relapse to the primary position.

Wisdom tooth extraction and orthodontic treatment

In some cases, wisdom tooth make pressure on the surrounding teeth and causes dental compression and deviation. The wisdom teeth may remain hidden within the gum and grow sideways or effect on the other teeth. So, in the first stage your orthodontist may distinguish to take out your wisdom tooth. An experienced orthodontist, by clinical research studies to patient, can distinguish whether wisdom tooth may cause disorganization, disordering and consequently can leads to relapse. So, your orthodontist may pull the wisdom tooth before or after the orthodontic.

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