Significant advantages to wearing braces during childhood

wearing braces during childhood
29 September 2018 Articles orthodontics
متخصص ارتودنسی در کرج

Wearing braces during childhood is an important issue that parents should be informed about this matter to prevent further dental complications in adulthood.

Why wearing braces during childhood is more effective?

During childhood, teeth are attached to jaw less tightly and orthodontic tooth movement is easier and faster.

By increasing age, teeth are tightly attached to the jaw bone and orthodontic tooth movement takes much time and energy.

The best appropriate time for orthodontic treatment, by considering the dental and jaw problems, is around 8-14 years old.

Why the underdeveloped upper jaw treatment is better to be done before the maturation age?

Orthodontic treatment for underdeveloped upper jaw or lower jaw protrusion would be better to do in the lower age (around 8 years old). In severe cases, treatment should do in upper age (18 years old) by orthodontic and jaw surgery.

However, specialist orthodontist can prevent minor permanent jaw disorders in the lower age and before the maturation as well as coordinating the jaw growth with other facial parts.

Upper jaw protrusion or underdeveloped lower jaw

Initially, the reason of upper jaw protrusion should be found then you can begin the treatment process. The upper jaw protrusion can be treated by orthodontic process. If frontal teeth of upper jaw are underdeveloped, they can move ahead by orthodontic power. However, all mentioned conditions could be prevented from childhood.

What are the associated complications with narrow upper jaw?

The narrow upper jaw may reduce the space available for permanent teeth to fit so, permanent teeth are overcrowded and grow irregularly.

The associated complications with early loss of baby teeth

 space maintainer

Baby teeth provide enough room for the permanent teeth development. If milk teeth loose sooner, this gap may fill with inappropriate growth of permanent teeth.

In this condition, the correct function of permanent teeth will disturb and the buds of new permanent teeth in this space may causes abnormal and deviated growth.

In order to prevent further problems and complications due to early loos of baby teeth, you can use an orthodontic device that called space maintainers.

This device can help to keep open the space for a permanent tooth to come out and prevent abnormal and outside jaw development of other teeth.

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