Veneers whitening tips

veneers whitening
3 March 2019 cosmetic dentistry
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Veneers are stainless resin materials which fit over the front teeth to provide the appearance and beautiful smile and protect the tooth’s surface from damage and correct spacing, minor chips or breaks, crowding and discoloration. Generally, veneers don’t stain and darken the way natural teeth do. Veneers look as natural teeth and can be match and tinted exactly to the surrounding teeth while they are highly resistant to tea, coffee and other food stains. Dental veneer rebuilds your smile and increase your self-esteem with a charming appearance.

Since they are made of porcelain, they don’t absorb staining agents. But sometimes veneers may get stain or discolored because of the following reasons:

  • When your teeth hit hard, the inner tissue may be damaged. Damaged dentin will yellow faster.
  • As you get older, your gum line will pull back a little (gum recession) and reveal the spots where veneer and tooth meet each other. So this place can be stained because it is a glue line which is made of composite. Composite can absorb wine, coffee and dark drinks as well as staining foods and cause a brown line on your veneers.
  • If you have plastic veneer it may become lightly stained but porcelain veneers don’t absorb stain as natural teeth do.
  • Your old veneers which are made of old materials may get darken. For example, if your veneer is more than 20 years it may get darken and you need to replace them with new veneer that is made of newer materials.

But if your veneer gets stain or darkness there is actually no way for veneers whitening  , you have to replace them. In order to prevent of darkening your veneers, you need to care of them as the natural teeth. You should try to avoid colored foods and drinks that may stain your veneers such as coffee, tea and wine. You need to have regular brushing as well as flossing. Generally observing oral hygiene can protect your veneers.

Brighten your smile

brighten your smile

There are some ways that help you brighten your smile including:

  • Brush your teeth after drinking or eating because it can reduce the sugars and acidity that bond to your teeth after eating or drinking.
  • Whiten the teeth surrounding your veneers in order to get match with the color of your veneers.
  • Replace your old veneer with the new ones, if there is any discoloration with your old veneers.

veneers whitening

Although veneers can’t get whiten but there are few ways that help you to remove stain from your porcelain veneers such as:

Use of specific toothpaste which are designed for veneers

You can gently brush your teeth with the specific toothpaste which are designed to remove stain from veneer’s teeth. These toothpastes help to remove stain from your veneers and provide your teeth a whiter appearance. You can ask your cosmetic dentist about the proper toothpaste.

Apply tooth-whitening system

You can use tooth whitening system for translucent veneers which are light-type of veneers. The back of veneered teeth can be bleach then your real teeth will naturally whiten up because of reflect of porcelain veneer.

Cosmetic dentist

It is also recommended to visit a cosmetic dentist. If the porcelain glaze has worn off your veneer, your cosmetic dentist can clean them, so your veneer will look white again. Or maybe your dentist diagnoses that your veneers should be replaced with new ones.

Is there any way to whiten veneers?

Usually veneers can’t get whiten but there are some ways that help to remove resin from your veneers such as use of specific toothpaste. In this condition you need to see your cosmetic dentist to provide you the best option.

Does insurance cover the cost of whitening procedures?

No, since tooth whitening is a cosmetic procedure, insurance companies don’t cover the fees.

General speaking, you need to look after of your veneers same as your natural teeth and have a good oral hygiene for having a healthy teeth and mouth. It is not common that veneer get stained or discolored but if it happens for your veneer, you need to talk with a good and expert cosmetic dentist to provide you the best solution.




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